Welcome to the Virginia Computer Museum!

This site currently serves as the temporary home for the Virginia Computer Museum.  However, this does represent a full physical collection of artifacts that we hope one day will be on permanent public display.  In the meantime, artifacts are available for private display, film/television, events, and for loan to other museums.  It has been my long time desire to create a place to showcase the history and progress that has been made in computers, communications, and information technology to future generations.  I believe that an understanding of fundamental computer hardware, design, and efficiency is vital to continued progress.

Although we have been actively building on this vision for several years now, we still need of many things in order to bring this vision into reality.  Personally I have a large collection of computer hardware, software, documentation, and periodicals which I plan to use to start our collections and exhibits.  Donations of additional equipment and documents are always welcome.  Furthermore, as time goes on, we will need volunteers and ultimately exhibit space as I intend this to be a fully functional hands-on museum.  My ultimate goal would be to have each and every computer in the collection be fully operational and documented as best as possible.

Individuals or companies interested in supporting us by donating storage or exhibit space, equipment, expertise, or other artifacts should contact us by e-mail.  Thank you for your visit and support.

Bryan Caudle – Founder