Wish List

The following items are currently needed as of 1/21/2024:

  • Replacement 3.5″ 1.44MB floppy drive for IBM PS/2 model 30
  • Manuals for SGI O2, Color Computer 2, Decwriter II, VT-220
  • Gamecube boxes for Luigi’s Mansion, Mario Tennis, and Mario Kart Double Dash
  • Replacement 3.5″ floppy drive for IBM 5140
  • PDP11/03 front cover
  • SGI Octane bottom plastic

The following would be welcome additions to our collection:

  • DOS-based palmtops (Atari Portfolio, HP95LX, etc)
  • Timex-Sinclair 1500 complete in box
  • Tandy 1100FD Laptop
  • Portable with gas plasma display (Compaq III, IBM P70/75, Toshiba T6400, etc)
  • Roland MPU401 and MT32
  • IBM 5170
  • Vectrex console
  • Strowger-type step-by-step telephone switch
  • Early 1970’s micros Altair/IMSAI/SWTPC, other S-100, etc.
  • Heathkit Trainer and other systems
  • CPU’s, delay line memory
  • Storage artifacts such as punch cards, paper tape, magnetic tape reels, etc.
  • Data General desktop generation
11 comments on “Wish List
  1. Marty Voncannon says:

    I may have a Roland Sound Canvas for you!

  2. Barbara Sazynski says:

    I believe I may have a TRS-80 available. Would you be interested in purchasing? It is part of an estate that is being liquidated.

    • Bryan says:

      Yes, we may be interested. If you can provide model number I can let you know if it is something we would be interested in. Thanks!

  3. Gary Fosburg says:

    I live in Florence Oregon. I was the worldwide corporate Senior Quality Engineer for Tandon Computers from 1988 to 1992 when they were about to go bankrupt. I have 286/386/486 computers along with monitors, keyboards, data pacs. Might still have all the manuals. These were my working computers when I worked there. Too heavy to ship. Interested?

  4. Eileen Miskimen says:

    I am in the process of downsizing and I need to find a home for a TRS80 Computer a TRS80 Modem II and a Daisy Wheel Printer that I would be interested in donating these items to a museum. My brother-in-law gave these to me in the early 1980’s when he purchased a new computer. If I do not find a home for these items, I will have no other option than to dispose of them in our local land fill and I do not want to do that. Please consider accepting these as a donation. Thank You

  5. Neil Winner says:

    Hello Bryan,
    Would you be interested in a donation of another Osborne 1 computer, complete with manual, program disks, dust cover, and several issues of
    Osborne Portable Companion magazine to add to your collection or to use to swap for items on your”wishlist.”

  6. Eric Balkan says:

    Hi Bryan,

    I like your computer museum, tho regrettably it’s not close to me. Anyway, are you interested in any 1970s mainframe stuff? I have a couple of IBM publications posted on eBay as well as a few other reference manuals in my basement. I could donate these… I can send you a list of what I’ve got if you want.
    – Eric a.k.a. packrat2k

  7. Richard Lescalleet says:

    I have an almost complete Exidy Sorcerer with expansion chassis, ROM packs, external dual 8″ floppy, HI-80 plotter, other peripherals and manuals. Best offer will be considered.

  8. Watts Hill says:

    I have a collection of Apple Mac IIs, peripherals and a Mac SE with internal HD.
    As a former developer I also have years of Beta OSs from the early days which may be of value for getting copies of old OS no longer available. (Most on 3.5″ floppy) I would be glad to donate if going to a museum to help other see what was.

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