Wish List

The following items are currently needed as of 9/21/2017:

  • Sun type5 optical mouse pad OR mechanical mouse
  • Replacement 3.5″ 1.44MB floppy drive for IBM PS/2 model 30
  • DEC VT-220 terminal and LK-201 Keyboard
  • Commodore PC-5/PC-10 keyboard
  • Original IBM-branded PS/2 mouse
  • SGI PS/2 Mouse (Grey/Granite)

The following would be welcome additions to our collections:

  • DEC Rainbow
  • Commodore SX-64
  • IBM 5170
  • NeXT Workstation
  • Silicon Graphics Indigo2, Indy,¬†or similar workstation
  • Improvement to our 1970’s era collection, TRS-80 model 1, Altair/IMSAI, PDP-11
  • CPU’s, core memory, delay line memory
  • Storage artifacts such as punch cards, paper tape, magnetic tape reels, etc.

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