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Sega Dreamcast

What a fantastic find!  This lonely Dreamcast console was spotted on a shelf in a local general/antique store among all sorts of random clutter.  Since the price…

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Atari Video Pinball

This is our Atari Video Pinball console, a pong variant from the late 1970’s.  This unit is in great condition, works perfectly, and includes the…

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Nintendo Super NES Console

Outstanding condition Super NES console and original controller.  Unit is working perfectly.  Released in 1991 in North America. Model # SNS-001 Manufacture date: Unknown Serial…

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Fairchild Video Entertainment System

We are super excited to add this Fairchild VES (aka Channel F) to the collection!  This machine came to us locally, and based on the included…

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Atari 7800

Here we have a complete Atari 7800 system and joysticks in excellent working condition.  This console will also play Atari 2600 games, and the RF…

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Atari Super Pong

Excellent condition Atari Super Pong console game.  Includes Atari power supply.  Works perfectly, and is in great condition.  This system was introduced in 1976! Serial…

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Sega Genesis

Excellent condition Sega Genesis Model 1 console.  Includes one control pad.  The motherboard in this unit is the VA6 revision.  Console was introduced in 1989,…

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Nintendo Gamecube

Excellent condition Gamecube system, memory card, and controllers. Serial number: DS208144834 Manufacture date unknown, system was released in 2001. Model # DOL-001(USA)  This is the…

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Nintendo 64

Excellent condition Nintendo 64 Console Model number: NUS-001(USA) Serial number: NS278310085 Manufacture date unknown, system released in in 1996. This unit is the Jungle Green version, part…

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Sony Playstation 2

Excellent condition Playstation 2 console, controller, and memory card. Introduced in 2000, although this is the later revision slimline model. Related Software  

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