Current Restorations

Take a look at some of our current restoration projects. Some of these will be very simple, but others will get a full article written for them once significant progress has been made. Once restoration is complete, it will be captured on the systems’ permanent page.


Atari 800 system, missing some case parts and power supply. Previous owner stated that it does not work and may damage power supply when connected.


Commodore PET 2001-8N, operational condition still unknown, in the process of cleaning and testing.


Early speak and spell, mostly functional just needs cleaning and assembly. This one is from the first year or two, as it has the raised keyboard rather than membrane.


Sega GameGear, decent physical condition but needs capacitors replaced. Does not currently power on.


3 comments on “Current Restorations
  1. Crystal says:

    I have 3.5 inch disks that contain old software.

    Microsoft windows 286 (7 disks)

    Microsoft windows for DOS systems version 3.0. (7 disks)

    Wordstar Professional, MicroPro International Corp. 1983, 1988. Release 5. (7 disks)

    Microsoft Mouse for IBM. Setup paintbrush for Windows

    Microsoft Excel for Windows. 1988.

    Microsoft Windows 95 demo.
    3.5 inch disk.

    3Com. EtherDisk version 5.3, DOS 1.44MB. EtherLink 3 PC card adapter configuration and diagnostics and drivers. 1993-1996.

    Global Class Modem PC card software for Win 95.

    NetCom NetCruiser version 2.1 for Windows. For internet connection software.

    IBM F-15 Strike Eagle, a Micro Prose software with company address contact info. (gaming software on disk).

    Any interest from anyone would be much appreciated. Please contact Crystal at

  2. Sandros Jenkins says:

    I have several old computers that I would like to donate. An IBM 8088 with keyboard, monitor and CPU, a Commodore with disc drives and cassette reader and an old Dell monitor. Would you be interested in having them?

    • Bryan says:

      Yes we would be happy to give these items a home in our collection. Sorry for the delay in responding, your comment was among over 2000 spam messages.

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