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Osborne 1

Check out this complete Osborne 1 package in excellent condition!  Known as one of the first successful “luggable” computers, the Osborne 1 includes 64K RAM, Z-80…

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Laser Compumate 2

While more of a PDA than a full-fledged computer, the Compumate 2 represents a class of low cost notebook-like systems that were popular through the…

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IBM 5140 PC Convertible

Take a look at our IBM 5140, also known as the PC Convertible, which was released in 1986. This was the first IBM portable computer…

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Apple Newton MessagePad 120

This is our Newton MessagePad 120 that is in excellent working condition. Handheld is complete with manuals, stylus, and power adapter. This model was introduced…

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Compaq EVO 610c

This is our mint condition Compaq EVO 610c notebook.  The EVO line of business products was launched in 2001.  This machine includes a docking station,…

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Toshiba T1000 Laptop

We are happy to add this mint condition T1000 laptop to the collection, it has been on the wish list for quite some time now. …

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Kaypro 2x

Mint condition Kaypro 2x just added to our collection!  Very excited to get this machine going.  Hardware appears to be working perfectly, and it is…

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HP Jornada 820

Handheld PC Circa 1998, Windows CE OS, 16 MB RAM Good working condition, other than the main battery which will not charge. Serial number SG84900416

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NEC PC-8201A

Unit is in good working order, and good physical condition.  Has both carrying case and user’s guide.  This portable has a number of power options…

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