Toshiba T1000 Laptop

We are happy to add this mint condition T1000 laptop to the collection, it has been on the wish list for quite some time now.  This machine is the same model that I had in high school, and represents the first IBM compatible machine that I owned and worked with.  Our unit is complete with carrying case, manuals, and working battery!  As you can see the unit is very clean, both inside and out and is now completely functional.  It would be nice someday to locate the 768K RAM expansion for this system.



When we first received this laptop, the floppy drive would spin but not read.  A small aluminum electrolytic capacitor had failed and corroded one of its leads.  We swapped it with a regular electrolytic cap and it works perfectly now.


photo-2017-01-02-16-57-09_8540 photo-2017-01-02-22-02-52_8541 photo-2017-01-02-22-03-08_8542 photo-2017-01-02-22-05-53_8543 photo-2017-01-02-22-57-43_8544 photo-2017-01-02-23-04-53_8545