VAX 4000 model 300

We are very excited to have this in our collection, it was generously donated by a local organization that used it through the 90’s and early 2000’s.  It is in pristine condition, boots and runs perfectly.  Unit currently has VMS 5.5-2 installed.  We would like an authentic VT-220 or similar terminal for this, and eventually hope to get networking functional and maybe get a few games running on here.  Unit has 5 hard disks, TZ85 tape drive, KA670 CPU in a BA400 chassis.

Serial number: KA126F3829

Manufacture date: 1992 is our best estimate.

Photo-2017-01-23-15-17-36_8644 Photo-2017-01-23-15-13-02_8643 Photo-2017-01-23-15-12-55_8642 Photo-2017-01-23-13-56-30_8639 Photo-2017-01-23-13-47-07_8635

Photo-2017-01-23-13-56-22_8638 Photo-2017-01-23-13-56-08_8637 Photo-2017-01-23-13-56-04_8636 Photo-2017-01-23-14-00-36_8641