Tandy 1000 HX

Here we have a great Tandy 1000HX machine that was added to the collection thanks to the Vintage Computer Festival.  This machine is in excellent condition with minimal yellowing.  It could use a bit more thorough cleaning but otherwise it works perfectly.  This machine does include the ream expansion for total of 640K, and the 720K floppy drive is working fine.  It also includes DOS 2.11 built into ROM.  As you can see, it also supports the Tandy graphics and sound modes in addition to standard CGA and PC speaker sound.  A few other unique characteristics include both RGB and composite video out, Tandy Deskmate software, and EEPROM that stores some configuration settings without the need for battery or DIP switches.  All in all, a very nice XT class system with a clean compact design.

Model # 25-1053A

Serial # 113418

Manufacture date: unknown, released in 1987