Tandon PAC 286

Update!  1/27/2017:

It was a bit of a surprise that this machine powered up with no issues, other than the hard drives appear to be non-bootable, given the extensive damage from a fall from storage shelf.  Under the plastic shell, the machine is very well built; completely surrounded by metal.  Given the unique nature of this machine, we went ahead with some basic restoration.  The case plastic is still quite yellowed, but otherwise it is complete and bootable from floppy.  It is a 286-class machine with high density drive, 2 MEG of RAM, and a REAL Hercules Graphics Card Plus!

Model #: TM7532
Serial number: 100392

Photo-2017-01-20-11-07-55_8611 Photo-2017-01-20-11-15-11_8612 Photo-2017-01-20-11-20-24_8613 Photo-2017-01-21-23-52-18_8617 Photo-2017-01-22-00-07-08_8618 Photo-2017-01-22-00-54-28_8619 Photo-2017-01-23-11-03-35_8634 Photo-2017-01-24-16-53-56_8647 Photo-2017-01-24-17-02-01_8648

System suffered some physical damage, condition currently unknown.  Unit has removable disk packs.  Date  unknown, research indicates that the unit was introduced in 1987  Byte magazine did a review in the May 1987 issue.

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