Commodore 64

We recently received a wonderful donation of Commodore equipment from Jim Hayes.  Thanks to this, we now have a complete original C-64 in mint condition to go with our restored 1541 floppy drive and we also have a complete later model 64c and 1541-II floppy drive.  We are very happy to have our Commodore collection complete.  This bundle also included a monitor, printer, cassette drive, magazines, books, software, and even some original boxes!

Serial #: P00122167



Follow the original donation through pick-up, unpacking, and testing:

photo-2016-10-15-18-22-24_7829 photo-2016-10-14-22-20-30_7768 photo-2016-10-14-22-20-18_7767 photo-2016-10-14-22-26-21_7770 photo-2016-10-14-22-49-48_7772