Sun Ultra-1

This is our Sun Ultra-1 workstation based around the first generation UltraSPARC 1 CPU running at 167 MHz, 512 MB RAM, SCSI CD-ROM, and 36 GIG SCSI Hard Drive.  This machine is currently running Solaris 7 (SunOS 5.7) released in 1998 and includes the high-end Creator3D graphics.  This machine came to us from the Vintage Computer Festival 2019, and was supplemented by another similar machine (for parts) and the monitor was donated by a generous co-worker in the Richmond area.  With this combination of components, the result is a fully working system in excellent overall condition.  It did take a fair amount of work however, below you will see some photos of how it originally looked and the restoration process.

Model # 170E

Serial # 722F06FE

Manufacture date: 1997


A quick look at the original condition and internals: