NeXTStation Turbo

What a fantastic find!  Here we have an outstanding example of the quality and innovation from NeXT Computer Inc. in our NeXTStation Turbo workstation.  Introduced in 1990, this system is complete including mouse, kb, and MegaPixel display and is fully functional with the exception of the laser printer which needs some maintenance.  We also have the full compliment of manuals for this system.  Specifications include 33 MHz Motorola 68040 CPU, 8 MB RAM, and 240 MB hard disk.  Unfortunately we do not have any software media at this time.


Model Number: N1100

Serial Number: ABB0028978

Manufacture date: 1992

And yes, it runs Doom!  (Actually, the NeXT cube workstation was even used by id software during the development of Doom for some of the maps and graphics engine).