Leading Edge Model D

Here we have a nice Leading Edge model D system that came to us through two separate donations.  While it is somewhat yellowed, it is complete and fully functional – only requiring some cleaning and the hard disk required low level formatting following by installation of MS-DOS.  This is a good example of the many PC/XT clones that were popular throughout the 1980’s.  Unlike earlier machines, the Leading Edge system has many functions integrated into the system board including floppy controller, I/O, and video.  This machine supports both color (CGA) and monochrome monitors.  The hard disk controller is the only expansion card that is included.  Additional specifications include 20 MB hard disk, 8088 CPU supporting speeds up to 7.16MHz, and 640K RAM.

Model Number: DC-2011E

Serial Number: 70321455

Release date: 1986