IBM 5160 PC XT

Update!  1/26/17:

Thanks to finding documentation for an Intel Above Board 286 we had lying around, we found that the board can be configured to work in an XT-class PC with 8 bit bus.  After multiple rounds of swapping 256K RAM chips we finally found a set that works and configured the board.  Happy to say that we now have the full 640K on the XT.

Photo-2017-01-22-01-23-56_8621 Photo-2017-01-22-01-20-27_8620


Excellent condition IBM PC/XT model 5160, includes 5.25″ 360K floppy and Seagate ST-251-1 MFM hard drive and currently has 256K of RAM.  The RAM expansion board in this system was unfortunately damaged by a leaking real time clock battery, a common problem for machines of this age.  We hope to repair or replace that board soon to have the full 640K.  This machine also has a mint condition Model F keyboard, and it pairs perfectly with our recently restored IBM 5153 color CGA monitor.

Serial number: 62857525160

System complete with matching monitor:


System cleanup and testing:

img_8556 img_8304 img_8555 img_8577

Bad battery:


Outstanding model F keyboard:

img_8302 img_8309 img_8313 img_8315