CPU Collection

The newest area of the museum features our growing collection of CPU’s spanning 30+ years of personal computer history.  The collection is quite small at this time, but we are adding new CPU’s all of the time and are always on the lookout for unique items to add to the collection.  We are also working on ideas on how to display them.  Check back often for updates.

Oldest CPU currently in the collection is NEC 8088D from 1981, and newest is 2003 Intel Pentium4.  We also have a couple of math coprocessors in the collection bringing the current total to 34.


Collection as of 9/12/16

Collection as of 9/12/2016

Additional CPU's added as of 9/21/2016

Additional CPU’s added as of 9/21/2016

Some additional CPU's added as of 1/27/2017

Some additional CPU’s added as of 1/27/2017

Additional CPU’s added 2/7/2018